Due to moving studio I have decided to do a PRIVATE SALE! Grab an arty bargain!
If you are local to Gibraltar I am happy to deliver, if not please be aware there will be P&P (not included). 
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PRICELIST BELOW (sale price in brackets)

Meridian Batch No.4 £35 (£25)
Meridian - £45 (£30)
Sakura Batch No.1,3 £35 (£25)Each
Spring Wave Batch No.2,4,5 - £35 (£25)Each
Mini Mountain 1 & 2 - £40 (£30) Each
Summer Waves No.1 - £145 (£90)
Summer Waves No.2 - £115 (£75)
Summer Waves No.3 - £65 (£40)
Lightlessness No.1 - £220 (£140)
Balanced Equanimity - £450 (£280)
Harmonized Equanimity - £90 (£55)
Chartreuse Light No.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - £35 (£25)Each
Whitewashed Lime - £85 (£50)
In Yellow Unison - £69 (£45)
Black Coral Sky - £60 (£40)
Pale Arylide Sky - £60 (£40)
Pearl Batch No.9 - £35 (£25)
Chapoteo Batch No.4 - £35 (£25)
Waterfall - £49 (£30)
Rugged Struggle - £49 (£30)

Higher Apsis & Lower Apsis
Commissioned for this Fabulous £25m
Luxury 107m Exploration Yacht Ulysses by Kleven 

New Commissions

New Collection
Crystallized Brahmavihara Collection

In this series of paintings I work with Shambhala Meditation, Reiki and Crystal energies. Engaging in these practices before painting has been immensely insightful and deeply inspiring

The brahmaviharas are a series of four Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them
The Brahma-viharas are: 
Loving-kindness or benevolence
Empathetic joy

The crystals used in these pieces were Rainbow Fluorite. Fluorite balances the bodily energies and promotes inner harmony and equilibrium. It is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. Equanimity: mental or emotional balance

Available Work In The Gallery